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Our mission is to develop sustainable and positive changes in the health, wellbeing, education and safety of the Mukiyaye community


About Us

Officially registered in 2019 we are a small NGO with big dreams. Our passion is to develop sustainable projects that directly impact and benefit the lives of those living in the Mukiyaye (Mu-chi-ya-yay) community. 


Mukiyaye is the local name for a slum located within Nakulabye on the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda. We are working in partnership with Exodus Christian Church based in Mukiyaye to develop four work streams, each aimed at addressing a specific area of improvement:



We believe no one should die of preventable diseases. We want to work with the government to provide vaccines and mosquito nets. We also want to be able to provide basic medication (e.g. rehydration solutions, pain relief) and sanitary products to school age girls.



We believe everyone should be able to access resources that improve wellbeing. We want to be offer support for those struggling with addictions, counselling for mental health issues, and classroom sessions on safe sex and hygiene. We also want to create a way of redistributing quality used clothing.



We believe everyone should be able to go to school regardless of their background. We want to create sponsorship programmes that help financially cover the school fees, uniforms and equipment needed for the poorest children in the community to attend school.



We believe women and children should not have to live in situations that leave them open to abuse. We want to be able to provide temporary emergency accommodation along with support for those in danger.

To begin these ambitious projects our first step is to raise the funds to build the Hope Community Centre. A fit for purpose building that can truly become the heart of the community and be used to run all of our outreach projects. Land that is owned by Exodus Christian Church in the Mukiyaye community will be redeveloped for this build. The plans and development procedure for the build are at their beginning and we are working with local architects and builders. Look out for all the details to appear on this site soon, along with how you can help!

Picture of Exodus Christian Church

Current view of Exodus Christian Church


Bishop Nelson Kabuuka



Joshua Kabuuka


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Dr Daniel Mugabi



Steve Eldridge


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Bestow on them a crown of

beauty instead of ashes,
the oil of joy instead of mourning,
and a garment of praise instead of

a spirit of despair Isaiah 61


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Email all questions and thoughts to:


Bishop Nelson Kabukka

+256 772 514 634

Exodus Church, PO Box 4701, Kampala, Uganda 

United Kingdom:

Steve Eldridge

+44 7703 035724